In December 2015, I started an Instagram page dedicated to the life of a student. I posted pictures of my study situation and inspired many students by doing this. I always got questions by people that were wondering where I bought my stationery. One question that stood out was the question where I got my A4 spiral notebooks. At a certain point, I received that question multiple times a day.

Unfortunately, the notebooks that I always used in my pictures is not for sale anymore and this meant that I had to disappoint all the people who wanted this notebook as well. That is when I got the idea to start my own shop to sell a notebook that is similar to the ones that I like to use, but with better quality and more colors. That is how Ways To Study Shop was born.

When I first told my followers about this plan, they were just as excited as me. I got a lot of requests for more types of stationery and that is why I am going to sell a lot more than just A4 spiral notebooks. There will be planners, notepads, highlighters and more available soon.



Our Philosophy


I am a big lover of stationery. It has been a goal of mine to start my own stationery brand for a while. I put a lot of time and effort in these products to make them the perfect school/office supplies. In my opinion, stationery should be three things: good-looking, functional, and affordable. That is something I keep in mind while making my products.